Benefits of Egg Yolk for Cats

Having a healthy and fit cat is certainly a dream of cat owners. There are many ways to make a cat stay healthy and fit. Starting from giving food according to portions, a clean environment, and providing adequate nutritional intake. Well, what will be discussed in this article is about giving nutrition to cats. Sometimes as cat owners, we only think “The important thing is that my cat eats a lot”. This kind of mindset should be changed by the cat owner. You need to know, providing nutrition for cats is very important. Because nutrition itself can increase stamina and other benefits. However, sometimes we are confused, what kind of nutrition is suitable for cats.

can cats eat eggs

Sometimes we choose practical like buying randomly nutrients without knowing the exactly benefits and side effects. For this reason, this article will discuss one of the ingredients that can be used as nutrition and used for your cat. This one material is guaranteed safe and traditional as long as its use is according to the rules. Besides, this one material is also easy to find or easy to get. The material is egg yolk. May be you ask, can cats eat eggs?

Then which part is best given to the cat? The answer is the egg yolk

So, why is egg yolk useful for cats?

Here are the benefits of egg yolks for cats

  1. The Fur of Cats is getting more beautiful

If asked what makes cats attractive? Surely most people answer their feathers. Certainly, you don’t want your cat’s hair to be damaged or fall out. Then how to make cat fur more beautiful?

You can use egg yolks to treat cat hair, and also prevent cat hair from falling out. It’s easy, you only need to give your cat a chicken egg yolk 3 times a week. After that, wait for the results. To get maximum results, you also still need to clean or treat fur with shampoo specifically for cats.

  1. Increases Stamina and Endurance

Egg yolk itself for humans is known to increase stamina and endurance. This also applies to cats. Contain substances such as vitamins and iron contained in egg yolk that makes it able to increase stamina and endurance. How do I? Just like using fur, you only need to give your cat egg yolks 3 times a week.

  1. Accelerating the Cat Fattening Process

Indeed egg yolks are very useful for cats. Besides being able to beautify fur, you can use egg yolks to fatten cats. For those of you who want to use egg yolks for fattening, you should not think that the more egg yolks that are given then the cat then your cat will get fat faster. This assumption is wrong, even giving excessive and uncontrolled egg yolk can make the cat vomit.

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