Diabetes Gymnastics and Other Support Exercise

Once you know the risk factors for diabetes and you are suffering from this disease, then you need to keep fit and control your blood sugar regularly. There are various ways to maintain fitness and blood sugar control for diabetics, one with Diabetes Gymnastics and Other Support Exercise. The following discussion of the gymnastics diabetes and other sports are recommended for diabetics and the function of it.

Risk Factors for Diabetes

There are various exercises or sports that are beneficial for people with diabetes, one of which is the exercise of diabetes, which is designed based on age and physical condition of the patient. It is advisable for diabetics to do gymnastics diabetes or exercise with light and fast movement, at least 150 minutes each week, to burn calories in the body and increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Gymnastics diabetes can help you lose weight that’s being one of the obstacles in diabetes, of course, followed by a healthy diet. A clinical study related to diabetes prevention program reveals, lifestyle changes and exercising 150 minutes per week can reduce the risk factor of diabetes type 2 by 58 percent.

Various exercise Diabetes Support Gymnastics

Another exercise that can be done besides the gymnastics diabetes is gymnastics tai chi. Gymnastics Tai Chi is a form of body work that is very beneficial for health. If the body art that comes from this Chinese form of exercise or sports movements merger between the movement of the body, though breathing and meditation. Tai Chi is also different from other gymnastics, for gymnastics Tai Chi movements are slower.

Gymnastics Tai Chi focuses on the harmony of movement and breathing.
In 2009, researchers at the University of Florida conducted a study of 62 Korean women with diabetes who regularly doing tai chi exercises. The results showed a significant improvement in their blood sugar levels. Not only that, their vitality and their mental health is likely to increase. Gymnastics Tai Chi is also very useful for patients with type two diabetes. A study conducted for the elderly group showed after 8 weeks of tai chi exercises, their blood glucose levels decreased. It shows health benefits for patients with diabetes type 2.

In addition to diabetes gymnastics and tai chi, yoga is also a good selection of the type of exercise for people with diabetes. Yoga is the art of body work that combines movement to build flexibility, strength, and balance. This is very useful for people with chronic health conditions, including diabetes. Yoga is believed to reduce stress and improve nerve function and mental health. Yoga also can improve blood glucose levels and improve muscle mass. The patients with diabetes type 2 may also benefit from yoga movement. Useful addition to helping you lose weight, yoga is also beneficial for reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Yoga prevents an increased risk of heart disease and address the factors that trigger heart disease such as stress,
To start the yoga exercises as part of gymnastics diabetes, you can start by looking at the videos on yoga exercises to learn the basic movements of yoga, so you can feel the results first before deciding to take a yoga class specifically.

Various other diabetes gymnastic exercises supporters do include walking, swimming, and dancing or dancing. Walking is the most popular sport and is highly recommended for diabetics. Do a walk three times a week, for thirty minutes to an hour to walk fast. It can help increase your physical activity.

Meanwhile, dance or dancing is not only useful for lowering blood sugar and reducing stress, but also can improve brain power and improve memory. Swimming helpful to stretch and relax the muscles without putting pressure on the joints. It is beneficial to improve blood sugar levels and burn calories and reduce stress levels.

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