Is the Sinus Infection Abandoned Continuously become dangerous ?

Sinus infection or often called sinusitis is a disease that can develop itself and increasingly risky by abandoned. In fact, the sinus infection dangerously increase bad condition for patient. Is a sinus infection contagious? Sinus infections can be contagious for a person with weak immune system. For the patient of sinus infection is necessary need to healing and treatment their self immediately before get worse.

A sinus infection is not only the problem for the nose. There are some bad and danger situation or conditions cause by sinus infection that abandoned continuously. Sinus infection with acute condition will turn into sub acute in any time cause none treatment. The sub acute conditions will be worse and turn sinus infection into chronic.

Usually, sinus infections chronic occur in 3 months sickness. The chronic become more dangerous because it will cause medical problems like attacking problem into eyes, nose, brain, and head. The eyes that have been infected by sinusitis will turn red, swollen and even experience visual impairment. In addition, the eyelids will also fall due to infection of blood vessels in the area around the eyes.

Headaches, fever, nausea, and vomiting appear because the head bone near the forehead begins to become infected. Even more dangerous, the sinusitis is not been treatment will cause meningitis which The sinus infection has spread into the membrane lining of the brain. The sinusitis is not been treatment also will cause sinus cancer or malignant tumors in the sinuses.

Certainly, various dangers will threaten the lives of sinusitis patient if the disease is not treated immediately. For this reason, if you sustain the lead of sinusitis symptoms, you should check yourself o doctor immediately to get a proper treatment. You also need to make sure your immune system is in good condition, so the sinus infections don’t develop in your body easily.

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