The same with the paper used and then glued with glue and attached to the wall.

The way of treatment of the ingredients used is very easy and will be explained in the points below. Many motifs and types are of course used on some of these wallpapers, but a lot of people think that the use of wallpaper wall designs on living room walls is very expensive. Even though the truth is not like that too. We also have to be a little careful in choosing it because if it is not accurate it will have a bad impact as well and will bring an uncomfortable impression on our living room.

wallpaper wall design

Some Tips for Choosing a Wallpaper wall design on the wall in a Living Room that is useful for those who want to use it.

  1. Determining the Position of the Room

The initial tip in choosing wallpaper in a room is to determine the position of the room to be designed. The function of the room is very influential in the wallpaper that will be used later. Some rooms must have different characteristics and functions. For example, in the bedroom, kitchen, and living room. Choosing the position of this room is important because it will relate to the model of the wallpaper motif that will be used. In the living room, choosing wallpapers can be selected with a more explosive appearance.

  1. Measuring Room Area

After choosing the position of the room to be designed, the thing to know also is to measure the area in the room. In the living room of each house must be of different sizes, moreover many are now a minimalist home model, especially for those who live in a residential complex. The factor of the extent of the room has a role in the impression of the wallpaper used. For example, in a narrow living room, just use a horizontal line design so that it looks big. If used in a large living room, you should use a wallpaper with a slightly dark motif to feel more comfortable.

  1. Look at the ceiling of the room

The distance of the ceiling in the room in each house is also one that must be considered before choosing the wallpaper of the walls of the room, especially the living room. It’s true we already know the width and size of the room that will be designed. But don’t forget to see the ceiling of our room. Is the ceiling distance high or even very close? By looking at it, we know that the wallpaper used has a different concept.

Some of the tips above are for choosing wallpapers in the living room. By using wallpaper, I don’t think you will regret it. Therefore when you use it in the living room, it will be more interesting. Hopefully, the few tips above can help choose wallpaper in the room according to your dreams. Greetings, thank you!

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